Hole by Hole Guide – Front 9


400 Yards – Par 4

392 Yards – Par 4

378 Yards – Par 5

Probably the best opening par 4 in Sussex. Out of bounds down the left, your drive needs to be well down the right side of the fairway, or at least level with the copse of firs, otherwise the green cannot be seen.

Look out for the greenside bunker on the right which will catch any wayward shot.

The green slopes from right to left and back to front.


361 Yards – Par 4

351 Yards – Par 4

318 Yards – Par 5

The 2nd is a straightforward par 4, but take care as the tee can tempt you into driving down the right. Big hitters will reach the bunkers on both sides of the fairway: the sensible shot is just right of centre short of the traps.

A greenside bunker on the left is clearly visible, but the one on the right is not! The green is mainly flat.

The Rabbit fencing along the right hand side of the fairway is an “immovable obstruction” and does not form part of the boundary of the course.


375 Yards – Par 4

360 Yards – Par 4

344 Yards – Par 5

The 3rd hole has a blind tee shot over the brow of a hill leading down to the green which is the other side of a stream called the Black Ditch.

The percentage tee shot is level with the bunkers which are dangerously placed on the left of the fairway on the brow of the hill. Big hitters can carry the bunkers and run down the sloping fairway and the ball should pull up short of the stream in front of the green.

The second shot requires good club selection to carry the stream but not to overshoot the green which slopes gently from left to right and down towards the stream.


182 Yards – Par 3

170 Yards – Par 3

152 Yards – Par 3

The 4th is an excellent par 3 from the lower back tee. With pot bunkers short and left and a greenside bunker on the right, any pushed or sliced shot will end down in “Dingly Dell”.

The green slopes left to right and front to back and is difficult to hold off the tee.


442 Yards – Par 4

410 Yards – Par 4

398 Yards – Par 5

The 5th is a long par 4 needing a good drive down the middle of the fairway to have a chance of seeing and reaching the green in 2.

Too much left off the tee and you will be blocked out by the trees, too much right and the rough and bushes will make your second shot difficult.

Beware of the greenside bunker on the right and the slope off the green on the left.

A worthy stroke index 1


352 Yards – Par 4

344 Yards – Par 4

334 Yards – Par 4

The 6th is a relatively short dogleg left of 340 yards.

The tiger line from the tee is over the fairway bunkers on the left.

A right hand greenside bunker catches any slightly wayward shot to the green which slopes from front to back and from right to left.


349 Yards – Par 4

338 Yards – Par 4

309 Yards – Par 4

The 7th is another short par 4 with a left to right dogleg off the tee and with strategically placed trees on the right making it a challenging drive.

You need to be left off the tee to avoid the trees on the right but go too far and the bunker on the edge of the fairway will catch you.

The green which slopes from back to front is protected by trees on the right and a bunker to the rear.


145 Yards – Par 3

135 Yards – Par 3

126 Yards – Par 3

The 8th is a straight forward par 3 but make sure you take enough club to carry the cross bunker in front of the green.

Greenside bunkers left and right with a gently sloping green back to front.


394 Yards – Par 4

390 Yards – Par 4

365 Yards – Par 4

The 9th is a good hole to finish the front nine. Your tee shot must be central or slightly left or you will be blocked out by the trees on the right. Big hitters beware the bunkers on the left hand side.

A dip in front of the green cannot be seen from the fairway so aim to carry your shot up to the flag. Be careful of the 3 bunkers in echelon on the right of the fairway, short of the green.

The green which slopes gently from front to back is protected by bunkers on the right.

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